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The Council


Sandi Boone 

Community Representative (NCSOS)

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Vice Chair

Morgan Best

Child Care Representative (NCSOS)


Anne Wolf

Appointed at BOS Discretion

Board Member

Cindy Maciel

Public Agency Representative (NCSOS)

Rebekah Shurtleff.JPG
Board Member

Rebekah Shurtleff

Community Representative (NCSOS)

Board Member

Lupe Peterson

Appointed at NCSOS Discretion

Board Member

Jolene Hardin

Consumer Representative


Board Member

Justine Riley

Public Agency Representative (BOS)

Board Member

Lauren Garrison 

Consumer Representative


Carolyn 2.png
Board Member

Carolyn Tate

Child Care Provider Representative (BOS)


The Child Care Coordinating Council is governed by the Local Child Care Planning and Development Council (LPC).


The LPC was established on June 4, 1991 in accordance with state law AB 2141 to provide a forum for the identification of local priorities for child care; to develop policies to meet the needs identified within these priorities; and to develops a strategic long range plan for a broad spectrum of child care and development services. 


The Council shall consist of at least 10 members: five appointed by the Board of Supervisors (BOS) and five appointed by the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools (NCSOS), each for a two year term. Any representative appointed by necessity of a mid-term resignation shall serve to the end of the two-year appointment period. At least 20% of the membership represent the following categories:


  • Child Care Providers - persons providing child care services or persons representing child care providers

  • Child Care Consumers - either a parent or person who has received child care services within 36 months 

  • Public Agency Representatives - persons who represent a city, a county, a city and a county, or a local education agency

  • Community Representatives - persons who represent an agency or business that provides private funding for child care services, or who advocates for child care services through participation in civic or community-based organizations but is not a child care provider and does not contract with the California Department of Education to provide child care and development services

  • Discretionary Representatives - persons recommended for appointment at the discretion of the Board of Supervisors and the Superintendent of Schools.

For more information regarding the Nevada County Local Planning Council or if you are interested in applying for a seat on the Council please contact Rossnina Dort at or 530..271.0258.  

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Rossnina Dort, M.A. Ed

Director, Early Education Services 

Local Planning Council 

Early Quality Matters ~ QRIS CA

Quality Counts CA

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