Local Planning Council 
The Child Care Coordinating Council serves as the Local Planning Council (LPC) for Nevada County to support the overall coordination of early care and education services. We provide a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to supporting all types of child care programs and improving teacher competency and professional growth. The Council has established a system that supports and incentivizes Transitional Kindergarten teachers and Early Care and Education teachers and programs to offer the best learning experiences possible for children. 
The Mission
To promote quality child care and development services through community assessment, county-wide partnerships and advocacy to meet the needs of children, families and early childhood professionals.
The Vision
The diverse needs for child care in Nevada County are met for all families through our supportive and caring community resources.
How We Do This
  • ASSESS Nevada County's overall child care needs once every five years, as funding permits, to include data on supply, demand, cost, and market rates for each type of child care provided in Nevada County
  • IDENTIFY by zip code local funding priority areas in the County in greatest need of child care services, and use this information to advocate for new state and federal funds
  • DEVELOP a comprehensive countywide child care plan designed to mobilize public and private resources to address identified needs for high-quality child care services

  • COLLABORATE with agencies, organizations, and individuals to foster partnerships designed to meet local child care needs, identify emerging issues, develop strategies, and implement solutions for staff retention and high-quality child care services

  • SUPPORT training and professional development of early childhood educators 

  • Quality Counts California: Quality Counts California is Nevada County’s Quality Rating & Improvement System (QRIS) - a system that supports and incentivizes early care and education programs to offer the best learning experiences possible to the children they serve. The main goal of Quality Counts California is to improve and expand the quality of early care and education in Nevada County so that more children are attending quality programs.
  • Professional Development Stipends

  • AB 212 Funds CSPP Teachers: The Nevada County AB 212 Teacher Stipend Program is an incentive program designed to encourage teachers working in Nevada County state-funded child development programs to pursue training and education, and to remain in the field of early childhood education. AB212 is funded through a grant from the CA Department of Education to the Child Care Coordinating Council of Nevada County.

  • California Transitional Kindergarten StipendsTo help Transitional Kindergarten teachers meet credentialing requirements, funding will be made available as “Education Incentives” to TK teacher (1st priority) and CSPP teachers (2nd priority) who are interested in completing coursework in early childhood education or child development.