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Above (top left): Family Child Care Providers including Karen Rhode of Karen's Child Care, Lauren Gilbert of Little Rascals, Sarah Van Liew of Small Wonders Child Care with Baby Carter discuss multi-sensory experiences that create and strengthen communication pathways in children’s brains. Young children’s brains are highly malleable; thus, early experiences have a big impact on their brain development.

Carolyn Tate 

Kids Stuff Child Care and Early Learning, Family Child Care owner receives her EQM Professional Development Stipend for serving as an EQM Peer Mentor in sharing her knowledge and skills to strengthen the early childhood education and care professional workforce! 


(Left) Kinderland Infant Center Teacher, Jamie Jorgenson and Nevada City Club Preschool Teacher Kathy Tillisch (right) design meaningful, culturally appropriate, and accessible play activities, as measured by child care quality assessment tools, “CLASS™” and the  “Environmental Rating Scales." 

Care Campus Children Center 

Teachers and Director receives their EQM Professional Development Stipends!

These early childhood professionals know that teachers are life-long learners!

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